The Meeting Phase:

This is the point where we meet, and determine what we will be able to do to enhance your brands social media image. Whether it be all inclusive or help with just individual components of your marketing strategy, we want to help your business achieve results that make you stand out among the barrage of information that inundates peoples everyday lives.

The Content Capture Phase:

There are a variety of ways that this can be done. We can come to you to capture fresh images. We can also come to you and bring your products back to our studio to capture images with no interruption to your normal work flow or to allow us to do more intricate work that may not be possible off site. Another option is you sending us images that you or your staff capture. The final option is to create from our vast photo stock or from scratch using graphics rather than photos. Most often it is a mixture of all of these methods that works best.

The Editing Phase:

Almost as soon as photography began so did the methods to enhance the photos after they were captured. Luckily digital images and computer editing has made this a much quicker process. All you need now is someone that can do it, and we happen to “know a guy”! This is also the most vital step. It can make your brand either stand out as professional or appear to be no better than the “snap and post” crowd. A social media post, is the daily interaction people have with your company.

The Posting Phase:

A picture may be worth 1000 words, but unfortunately none of those fill that blank caption space sitting right below it when you post. You need just the right clever quip to engage your audience. You also need to incorporate the right methods to draw attention to your post. Once you have all of that you just have to come up with the perfect time to release it to the public.

The Engagement Phase:

Even some of the biggest companies haven’t figured this one out yet. Your audience lives on social media, and they are probably expecting you to as well. From compliments to questions, concerns and even complaints, people will want responses. This is what gives them that warm fuzzy feeling that you care about their input. You need someone that can not only respond in reasonable time, but also provide them with an customized interaction. In the case of a problem or complaint you will also need someone who can offer helpful advise all while taking the situation out of the public eye.

The Payment Phase:

Admit it, you love to get paid. In fact, it’s probably the biggest reason you left the house this morning. We also love to get paid. When all is said and done, we want our fee to be such a small percentage of the growth in your income that you are asking us for additional ideas to do even more.

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